Peziza oliviae

Coll. 2021-05-08
Coll. 2021-05-08
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Peziza oliviae J.L. Frank, Mycotaxon, 126: 185 (2014).


Basionym Peziza oliviae J.L. Frank, Mycotaxon, 126: 185 (2014).

Diagnosis Differs from the genetically related Peziza lohjaoensis by its smooth spores and North American distribution and from other Peziza spp. by its submerged habitat.

Type OSC 148300 - holotypus

MycoBank 803430


Frank J.L. 2014. The olive goblet: Peziza oliviae, a new cup fungus growing underwater in Oregon. Mycotaxon, 126: 183-190.
Pfister D.H., LoBuglio K.F., Kristiansen R. 2016. Species of Peziza s. str. on water-soaked wood with special reference to a new species, P. nordica, from central Norway. Sydowia, 68: 173-185.

Classification: Pezizaceae, Peziza

Created on 22/08/2022.

Updated on 16/08/2023.


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