Peziza ellipsospora
Coll. BT 270422
Coll. BT 270422
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Peziza ellipsospora (Gilkey) Trappe, Mycotaxon, 9 (1): 336 (1979).


Basionym Hydnotrya ellipsospora Gilkey, Univ. Calif. Pub. Bot., 6 (11): 307 (1916).

Diagnosis Ascocarp purplish brown, 1.5 cm. in diam., subglobose, composed of loose folds occasionally joined; surface of ascocarp minutely villose; interior of large, hollow, connected chambers opening without at various points; wall of ascocarp 1 mm. thick, lined with hymenium, the transition of hymenium to cortex at external openings plainly visible; hyphae of wall somewhat connected immediately below external surface; hyphae at surface distinctly separated, somewhat swollen at tips, 9-18 µ thick, continuing into hymenium as slender paraphyses; asci cylindrical, not constricted between spores, 10 by 260 µ, 8-spored; spores 1-seriate, ellipsoid, 10 by 14 µ, minutely papillose; paraphyses not produced beyond asci, little swollen, 2-5 µ thick.

Type UC 511628 - holotypus

MycoBank 319463


Gilkey H.M. 1916. A revision of Tuberales of California. University of California Publications in Botany, 6 (11): 275-356.
Trappe J.M. 1979. The orders, families, and genera of hypogeous Ascomycotina (truffles and their relatives). Mycotaxon, 9 (1): 297-340.

Classification Pezizaceae, Peziza

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Peziza ellipsospora
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BT 270422 
Source: Mushroom Observer
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12/1909, leg. N. L. Gardner & M. B. Nichols
511628 (UC)