Perilachnea ochraceoflava
Coll. TUR-A 208917
Coll. TUR-A 208917
© M. Carbone

Perilachnea ochraceoflava M. Carbone, Cartabia & P. Alvarado,, 13 (1): 20 (2021).


Basionym Perilachnea ochraceoflava M. Carbone, Cartabia & P. Alvarado,, 13 (1): 20 (2021).

Diagnosis Besides its unique genetic profile, it differs from the closely similar P. flavobrunnea by larger ascospores with a slightly higher Q ratio, apothecia that are more yellowish-ochraceous-coloured and its growth under Larix decidua.

Type TUR-A 208917 - holotypus

MycoBank 837946


Van Vooren N., Valencia F.J., Carbone M., Lindemann U., Vega M., Valade F. 2021. Exploring the European Trichophaea-like discomycetes (Pezizales) using morphological, ecological and molecular data., 13 (1): 5-48.

Classification Pyronemataceae, Perilachnea

CreatedDate 05/02/2021.

UpdatedDate 05/02/2021.

Perilachnea ochraceoflava
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[IT] Baceno
Alpe Devero
31/08/2019, leg. M. Carbone & M. Cartabia
208917 (TUR-A)