Perilachnea humarioides

Coll. JA-CUSSTA 9584
Coll. JA-CUSSTA 9584
© F.J. Valencia

Perilachnea humarioides Valencia, M. Vega & Van Vooren,, 14 (1): 11 (2022).


Basionym Perilachnea humarioides Valencia, M. Vega & Van Vooren,, 14 (1): 11 (2022).

Diagnosis Differs from other Perilachnea species by its growth in association with woody debris of deciduous trees, and microscopically by smaller ascospores and Q ratio, in mean, than those of P. flavobrunnea and P. fallax.

Type JA-CUSSTA 9584 - holotypus

MycoBank 839602


Van Vooren N., Valencia F.J., Carbone M., Vega M. 2022. Exploring the European Trichophaea-like discomycetes (Pezizales) using morphological, ecological and molecular data. Part 3: New discoveries in Perilachnea., 14 (1): 7-17.

Classification: Pyronemataceae, Perilachnea

Created on 02/03/2022.

Updated on 16/08/2023.


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