Paurocotylis pila
Coll. VC63
Coll. VC63
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Berkeley (1855)
Berkeley (1855)
Coll. KPM-NC 23051
Coll. KPM-NC 23051
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Paurocotylis pila Berk., Fl. Nov.-Zealand., 2: 188 (1855).


Basionym Paurocotylis pila Berk., Fl. Nov.-Zealand., 2: 188 (1855).

Diagnosis Hab. On the ground, Tehawera, Colenso.
Globose, slightly sinuated, bright crimson, somewhat rufous, and much contracted and waved when dry. Peridium hard, thin, rigid, consisting of flocci closely laced into a compact network ; trama floccose to the naked eye, but under a high power consisting of loose, interwoven, membranous bodies, which give rise on the surface of the sinuses, which are very few in number, to pellucid peduncles, of greater or less length, each of which bears a large globose spore 1/1250 of an inch in diameter, whose endochrome contains a small globose nucleus. The spores, when seen together on the walls of the fructifying cavity, are of a pale tan-colour. — This is one of the most singular species in the collection, but unfortunately only a solitary specimen has at present occurred. The characters are, however, too striking to leave much room for hesitation. The Fungus looks at first like a young dried egg of some Phalloid.

Type ex herb. Berkeley (K-171066) - holotypus

MycoBank 183767


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Classification Tarzettaceae, Paurocotylis

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Paurocotylis pila

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