Paurocotylis patagonica

Coll. CORD-C00004222
Coll. CORD-C00004222
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Paurocotylis patagonica Nouhra, Healy & M.E. Sm., Fung. Biol., 121 (3) : 277 (2017).


Basionym Paurocotylis patagonica Nouhra, Healy & M.E. Sm., Fung. Biol., 121 (3) : 277 (2017).

Diagnosis Paurocotylis patagonica is a South American species that can be distinguished from other Paurocotylis by its genetic ITS profile, its white ascoma, lack of a distinct simple cavity, its outer excipular and projecting hyphae of granule-encrusted moniliform cells, and its indeterminate paraphyses.

Type CORD-C00004222 - holotypus

MycoBank 814820


Kumar L.M., Smith M.E., Nouhra E.R., Orihara T., Sandoval P., Pfister D.H., McLaughlin D.J., Trappe J.M., Healy R.A. 2017. A molecular and morphological re-examination of the generic limits of truffles in the Tarzetta-Geopyxis lineage – Densocarpa, Hydnocystis, and Paurocotylis. Fungal Biology, 121 (3): 264-284.

Classification: Tarzettaceae, Paurocotylis

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