Otidea khakicolorata

Coll. BJTC FM107
Coll. BJTC FM107
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Otidea khakicolorata L. Fan & Y.Y. Xu, J. Fungi, 2022 (8): 14 (2022).


Basionym Otidea khakicolorata L. Fan & Y.Y. Xu, J. Fungi, 2022 (8): 14 (2022).

Diagnosis See description.

Type BJTC FM107 - holotypus

MycoBank 843179


Xu Y.-Y., Mao N., Yang J.-J., Fan L. 2022. New species and new records of Otidea from China based on molecular and morphological data. Journal of Fungi, 2022 (8): 1-24.

Classification: Otideaceae, Otidea

Created on 15/06/2022.

Updated on 16/08/2023.


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[CN] Ningwu
Dashidong Forest Farm
24/08/2017, leg. X.Y. Yan
FM107 (BJTC)
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