Otidea apophysata

Coll. GM 2012-09-17
Coll. GM 2012-09-17
© G. Moyne
dupli. F. Kasparek 15-IX-1995
dupli. F. Kasparek 15-IX-1995

Microcharacters 10 µm
© N. Van Vooren

Mycographia, fig. 350, Cooke
Mycographia, fig. 350, Cooke

Otidea apophysata (Cooke & W. Phillips) Sacc., Syll. fung., 8: 96 (1889).


Basionym Peziza apophysata Cooke & W. Phillips, in Cooke, Grevillea, 5 (34): 60 (1876).

Diagnosis Brown, unequal, irregularly lobed and contorted, or with one side elongated; disc dark brown; asci cylindrical; sporidia elliptic, binucleate; paraphyses slender, with short, furcate, and often clavate branches above.
In a damp ditch. Shrewsbury. W. Phillips, Esq.
The paraphyses differ from any that we have yet seen in their peculiar branching, and in the almost universal presence of these lateral expansions. Cups ½ - 1 inch broad; sporidia .02-.022 × .012 m.m.

Type K(M) 30410 - holotypus

Homotypic Pseudotis apophysata (Cooke & W. Phillips) Boud., Hist. class. discom. Eur.: 52 (1907).

Otidea felina (Pers.) Bres., (), s. Boudier (1905-1910), non Pers., nec Bres.

MycoBank 160327


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Classification: Otideaceae, Otidea

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