Octospora entosthodontophila

Coll. CSN 7778
Coll. CSN 7778
© C. Németh

Octospora entosthodontophila C. Németh, M. Vega, Janošík & J. Hernanz, Herzogia, 36 (2): 290 (2023).


Basionym Octospora entosthodontophila C. Németh, M. Vega, Janošík & J. Hernanz, Herzogia, 36 (2): 290 (2023).

Diagnosis Octospora entosthodontophila differs from other species of Octospora by narrowly ellipsoid to subfusiform ascospores with a smooth surface as well as two large (one of which always somewhat smaller) and several small lipid bodies inside, together with an infection on stem and basal leaf cells of various species of the moss genus Entosthodon.

Type BP 112289 - holotypus

MycoBank 848858


Németh C., Vega M., Hernanz J., Eckstein J., Janošík L. 2023. Octospora entosthodontophila, a new smooth-spored bryophilous ascomycete on Entosthodon spp. Herzogia, 36 (2): 283-304.

Classification: Pyronemataceae, Octospora

Created on 20/03/2024.

Updated on 20/03/2024.


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