Morchella iberica

Coll. PAM16042501
Coll. PAM16042501
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Morchella iberica Marcos Martínez, Sanjaume, Ballester & Clowez,, 12 (1): 11 (2020).


Basionym Morchella iberica Marcos Martínez, Sanjaume, Ballester & Clowez,, 12 (1): 11 (2020).

Diagnosis Ascomata morchelloid, morphologically similar to those of Morchella populiphila. Pileus truncated to nearly globose, light yellow-brown to dark brown. Primary crests mostly longitudinal, flexuous, first concolorous to pileus then darkening from apex. Sulcus remarkably broad, making the pileus free on 1/3 of its height. Stipe hollow, brittle, white, covered with coarse granules turning blackish with age, for a long period not longer than the pileus.

Type LIP 0001675 - holotypus

MycoBank 834421


Clowez P., Marcos Martinez J., Sanjaume R., Marques G., Bellanger J.M., Moreau P.A. 2020. A survey of half-free morels in Spain reveals a new species: Morchella iberica sp. nov. (Ascomycota, Pezizales)., 12 (1): 11-18.

Classification: Morchellaceae, Morchella

Created on 09/03/2020.

Updated on 11/08/2023.


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