Microstoma macrosporum

Coll. MO1097
Coll. MO1097
© M. Ohmae
Coll. MO1097
Coll. MO1097
© M. Ohmae

Microstoma macrosporum (Y. Otani) Y. Harada & S. Kudo, Mycoscience, 41 (3): 275 (2000).


Basionym Microstoma protractum var. macrosporum Y. Otani, Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan, 21: 158 (1980).

Diagnosis A typo differt ascosporis magnis 40-65 × 16-20 µm. Hab. ad ramos emortuos Araliae ellatae (Miq.) Seem, mensis Aprilis 13, 1975, in provincia Aomori, Japonia, leg. Yukio Harada. (TNS-F-50255, Holotypus).

Type F-50255 (TNS) - holotypus

MycoBank 467455


Harada Y., Kudo S.I. 2000. Microstoma macrosporum stat. nov., a new taxonomic treatment of a vernal discomycete (Sarcoscyphaceae, Pezizales). Mycoscience, 41 (3): 275-278.
Otani Y. 1980. Sarcoscyphineae of Japan. Transactions of the Mycological Society of Japan, 21: 149-179.
Zhuang W.Y., Wang Z. 1997. Some new species and new records of discomycetes in China. VII. Mycotaxon, 63: 307-321.

Classification: Sarcoscyphaceae, Microstoma

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