Microstoma longipilum

Coll. TNS-F-60527
Coll. TNS-F-60527
© T. Hirao
Coll. TNS-F-61424
Coll. TNS-F-61424
© T. Hirao

Microstoma longipilum Tochihara, T. Hirao & Hosoya, Mycoscience, 62 (4): 218 (2021).


Basionym Microstoma longipilum Tochihara, T. Hirao & Hosoya, Mycoscience, 62 (4): 218 (2021).

Diagnosis Characterized by aggregated apothecia, long acute hairs, and salmon pink to pale orange discs.

Type TNS-F-61946 - holotypus

MycoBank 836783


Tochihara Y., Hirao T., Ohmae M., Hosaka K., Hosoya T. 2021. Microstoma longipilum sp. nov. (Sarcoscyphaceae, Pezizales) from Japan. Mycoscience, 62 (4): 217-223.

Classification: Sarcoscyphaceae, Microstoma

Created on 23/08/2021.

Updated on 14/08/2023.


Collections List

[CH] Le Crêt
Pra Dévaud
17/05/2014, leg. R. Dougoud & N. Van Vooren
NV 2014.05.19 (LY)
Source: Ascomycete.org
[FR] Corrençon-en-Vercors
Environs du golf
05/04/1997, leg. J. Cavet
JC 11-18 
Source: FMBDS/BD J. Cavet
[CZ] Hranice
05/1914, leg. F. Petrak
ex herb. Saccardo (PAD)
Source: Ascomycete.org
[FI] Rymättylä
18/07/1978, leg. T. Tuomikoski
s.n. (H)
Holotype of P. obliquerimosa
Source: Ascomycete.org
[CZ] Suchomasty
18/06/1987, leg. R. Fellner
? (PRM)
Holotype of P. fellneri
Source: Ascomycete.org
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