Iodomarcelleina obscura

Coll. LY NV 2022.08.00
Coll. LY NV 2022.08.00
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Iodomarcelleina obscura Sammut, P. Alvarado & Van Vooren, Cryptog. Mycol., 44 (12): 164 (2023).


Basionym Iodomarcelleina obscura Sammut, P. Alvarado & Van Vooren, Cryptog. Mycol., 44 (12): 164 (2023).

Diagnosis Differs from Marcelleina benkertii by the straight and inflated paraphyses and the amyloid reaction of the asci, from the other Marcelleina species by the amyloid reaction of the asci and lack of violaceous tinges in the apothecia, and from Scotopezia pseudoanthracina by its smooth ascospores.

Type LY NV 2022.08.00 - holotypus

MycoBank 849114


Sammut C., Alvarado P., Van Vooren N. 2023. Emendation of Marcelleina Brumm., Korf & Rifai (Ascomycota, Pezizales) and proposal of Iodomarcelleina obscura gen. nov., sp. nov. and Scotopezia pseudoanthracina gen. nov., comb. nov. for the lineages outside it., 44 (12): 159-170.

Classification: Pezizaceae, Iodomarcelleina

Created on 23/12/2023.

Updated on 23/12/2023.


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