Hydnotrya laojunshanensis


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Hydnotrya laojunshanensis Lin Li, D.Q. Zhou & Y.C. Zhao, Mycotaxon, 125: 280 (2013).


Basionym Hydnotrya laojunshanensis Lin Li, D.Q. Zhou & Y.C. Zhao, Mycotaxon, 125: 280 (2013).

Diagnosis Differs from all other Hydnotrya spp. by its single-chambered ascocarp and larger ascospores

Type L2425 (YAAS) - holotypus

MycoBank 803968


Li L., Zhao Y.C., Zhang X.L., Su H.Y., Li S.H., Zhou D.Q. 2013. Hydnotrya laojunshanensis sp. nov. from China. Mycotaxon, 125: 277-282.

Classification: Discinaceae, Hydnotrya

Created on 01/04/2016.

Updated on 06/08/2023.


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