Hydnocystis transitoria
Coll. MIN-928483
Coll. MIN-928483
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Hydnocystis transitoria L. Kumar, Healy & M.E. Sm., Fung. Biol., 121 (3): 272 (2017).


Basionym Hydnocystis transitoria L. Kumar, Healy & M.E. Sm., Fung. Biol., 121 (3): 272 (2017).

Diagnosis Hydnocystis transitoria is a North American species distinguished from other Hydnocystis species by its distinct ITS sequence, nearly smooth ascoma, its thick, well developed epithecium of parallel and interwoven paraphyses tips, and its envelopment of asci within paraphyses that are interwoven and sometimes fused. Among Hydnocystis species with a simple cavity, it is distinguished by much smaller spores.

Type MIN-928483 - holotypus

MycoBank 814213


Kumar L.M., Smith M.E., Nouhra E.R., Orihara T., Sandoval P., Pfister D.H., McLaughlin D.J., Trappe J.M., Healy R.A. 2017. A molecular and morphological re-examination of the generic limits of truffles in the Tarzetta-Geopyxis lineage – Densocarpa, Hydnocystis, and Paurocotylis. Fungal Biology, 121 (3): 264-284. 

Classification Tarzettaceae, Hydnocystis

CreatedDate 12/03/2018.

UpdatedDate 12/03/2018.

Hydnocystis transitoria

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