Humaria setimarginata
Coll. ITCV M. Sánchez 1889
Coll. ITCV M. Sánchez 1889
© M. Sánchez-Flores

Humaria setimarginata Sánchez-Flores, Raymundo, Van Vooren & García-Jiménez, Acta Bot. Mex., 130: 4 (2023).


Basionym Humaria setimarginata Sánchez-Flores, Raymundo, Van Vooren & García-Jiménez, Acta Bot. Mex., 130: 4 (2023).

Diagnosis Humaria setimarginata is characterized by the size, 60-353 × 13-20 μm, and position of marginal hairs, by a dextrinoid reaction in the ectal excipulum with Melzer's reagent, and ascospores 19-25 × 10-15 μm, ellipsoid to oblong-ellipsoid.

Type ITCV M. Sánchez 1889 - holotypus

MycoBank 841440


Sánchez-Flores M., Raymundo T., Van Vooren N., Martínez González C.R., García-Jiménez J. 2023. Humaria setimarginata (Pyronemataceae, Ascomycota), a new species from Mexico. Acta Botanica Mexicana, 130 (e2143): 1-16.

Classification Pyronemataceae, Humaria

CreatedDate 26/05/2023.

UpdatedDate 26/05/2023.

Humaria setimarginata

 Typus  <1950  1950→1980  >1980

Collections Detail
[MX] Victoria
El Madroño
11/11/2019, leg. M. Sánchez
M. Sánchez 1889 (ITCV)
[MX] Victoria
Puerto El Paraíso
01/11/2019, leg. M. Sánchez
M. Sánchez 1847 (ITCV)