Helvella jocatoi
Coll. Castro-Castro 7 (IBUG)
Coll. Castro-Castro 7 (IBUG)
© F. Landeros

Helvella jocatoi F. Landeros, R. Garibay-Orijel & L. Guz.-Dáv., Phytotaxa, 498 (1): 5 (2021).


Basionym Helvella jocatoi F. Landeros, R. Garibay-Orijel & L. Guz.-Dáv., Phytotaxa, 498 (1): 5 (2021).

Diagnosis Ascoma 40–160 mm high, pileus 20–60 mm, high 20–60 mm broad, with three lobes or irregularly lobed, dark gray to black. Pileus sterile surface smooth to slightly venous, white or slightly grayish. Stipe up to 120 mm high and up to 25 mm broad, cylindrical, lacunose, first white, then grayish even blackish. Ascospores 16.8–20.8(–22) × 10.8–13 (–14) μm, hyaline. Solitary or in clusters, terrestrial or on mosses in Abies religiosa forests on the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt.

Type MEXU 25760 - holotypus

MycoBank 839202


Landeros F., Ferrusca-Rico F.M., Guzmán-Dávalos L., Esquivel-Naranjo E.U., Matías-Ferrer N., Burrola-Aguilar C., Viurcos-Martínez G.A., Garibay-Orijel R. 2021. Helvella jocatoi sp. nov. (Pezizales, Ascomycota), a new species from H. lacunosa complex with cultural importance in central Mexico Abies religiosa forests. Phytotaxa, 498 (1): 1-11.
Nguyen N.H., Landeros F., Garibay-Orijel R., Hansen K., Vellinga E.S. 2013. The Helvella lacunosa species complex in western North America: cryptic species, misapplied names and parasites. Mycologia, 105 (5): 1275-1286.

Classification Helvellaceae, Helvella

CreatedDate 25/01/2022.

UpdatedDate 25/01/2022.

Helvella jocatoi

 Typus  <1950  1950→1980  >1980

Collections Detail
[MX] Amanalco
Corral de Piedra
21/09/2019, leg. C. Burrola-Aguilar
25760 (MEXU)
Source: Ascomycete.org
[MX] San Lucas
21/09/2019, leg. C. Burrola-Aguilar
25752 (MEXU)
Source: Ascomycete.org