Gyromitra persicula

Coll. MICH 346504
Coll. MICH 346504
© M. Beug

Gyromitra persicula Dirks & Beug, Phytotaxa, 644 (1): 53 (2024).


Basionym Gyromitra persicula Dirks & Beug, Phytotaxa, 644 (1): 53 (2024).

Diagnosis Gyromitra persicula and G. leucoxantha are readily distinguished from other Discinaceae species by the scooped out “fishtail” apiculi of the mature ascospores. These two closely related taxa are separable by their size and coloration: G. persicula is small (up to 4.5 cm wide) and has a pinkish buff color, whereas G. leucoxantha is larger (up to 10 cm wide) and has an egg yolk yellow to yellow ochre color.

Type MICH346504 - holotypus

MycoBank 852786


Dirks A.C., Beug M.W., Methven A.S., Miller A.N., James T.Y. 2024. Gyromitra persicula sp. nov. (Discinaceae, Pezizales), a novel discoid Gyromitra from Northwestern North America. Phytotaxa, 644 (1): 49-55.

Classification: Discinaceae, Gyromitra

Created on 19/06/2024.

Updated on 19/06/2024.


Collections List

[US] Klickitat Co.
Mt. Adams Horse Camp
30/05/20222, leg. M. Beug
346504 (MICH)
[US] Pierce Co.
Mt. Rainier National Park
17/05/2014, leg. M. Beug
346519 (MICH)
[US] Skamania Co.
Trout Lake
13/06/2022, leg. M. Beug
346523 (MICH)
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