Gyromitra melaleucoides

Coll. AP 5099
Coll. AP 5099
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Gyromitra melaleucoides (Seaver) Pfister, Mycologia, 72 (3): 615 (1980).


Basionym Peziza melaleucoides Seaver, N. Amer. Cup-fungi (Operc.): 225 (1928).

Diagnosis Apothecia sessile or short-stipitate, reaching a diameter of 10 cm., cup-shaped, becoming somewhat repand, usually whitish near the base, brownish above or occasionally with a lavender tint; stem when present lacunose, very short; hymenium concave, often umbilicate, becoming dark-brown or tinted with olive; asci cylindric or subcylindric, reaching a length of 250 µ, and a diameter of 12-15 µ; spores 1-seriate, ellipsoid, each containing two oil-drops, 10 × 14 µ, hyaline or subhyaline, becoming sculptured; spore-sculpturing consisting of minute papillae; paraphyses about 4 µ, in diameter below, enlarged above where they reach a diameter of 8 µ, filled with brown coloring matter.
On the ground or more often on rotten wood in coniferous woods.
Type collected by Dr. L. O. Overholts at Tolland, Colorado, June, 1914.

Type ex herb. Seaver (NY) - holotypus

Gyromitra recurva (Snyder) Harmaja, Karstenia, 18: 57 (1978); Paxina recurvum Snyder, Mycologia, 28 (5): 487 (1936), fide Pfister (1980).

MycoBank 113781


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Classification: Discinaceae, Gyromitra

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