Geodina salmonicolor
Coll. JBSD 127408
Coll. JBSD 127408
© C. Angelini

Geodina salmonicolor Angelini & Medardi, Mycosphere, 9 (2): 172 (2018).


Basionym Geodina salmonicolor Angelini & Medardi, Mycosphere, 9 (2): 172 (2018).

Diagnosis Fruitbody funnel-shaped, up to 40 mm height and 25–30 mm diam. Apothecium cup-shaped to urceolate. Hymenial surface smooth, faint pink salmon to pale pink-orange. Receptacle surface pale chocolate-brown, pale brown-greyish, with dark brown hairs, zoned by some rings alternately pale and dark, more conspicuous near the margin. Margin entire or shortly cracked. Stalk up to 25 mm long, tapered and curved, smooth, dark brown. Flesh waxy but elastic, whitish or slightly pink in the cup, brownish and fibrous in the stalk.
Ascospores 35–39 × 14–15 μm, ellipsoid or citriform, smooth and oil-dropped when young, hyaline, after that developing ornaments consisting of coarse, more or less irregularly arranged ridges ribs up to 2 μm broad and high, curved, often anastomosed to form portions of a partial reticulum. Asci 300–380 (450) × 18–21 μm, 8-spored, with long, curved and gradually tapered base, unamyloid, sub-operculates. Paraphyses cylindrical at the base (2–3 μm), broadening up to 5 μm at the top and near the septa, scarcely anastomosed only in the lower part. Subhymenium not observed. Medullar excipulum up to 600 μm thick; textura intricata, hyphae 2.5–3 μm, interwoven, branched, septate, hyaline. Ectal excipulum 350–400 μm thick; textura globulosa or globulosa-angularis, cells up to 25 μm diam., 25 × 10 μm or 20 × 15 μm if compressed, dark brown to blackish-brown. Hairs 500–550 μm long, 10–-15 μm large at the top and 20–40 μm at the base, made up of fasciculate, cylindrical, closed hyphae 4–4.5 μm, with a few septa, dark brown.

Type JBSD127409 - holotypus

MycoBank 823851


Angelini C., Medardi G., Alvarado P. 2018. Contribution to the study of neotropical discomycetes: a new species of the genus Geodina (Geodina salmonicolor sp. nov.) from the Dominican Republic. Mycosphere, 9 (2): 169-177. 

Classification Sarcoscyphaceae, Geodina

CreatedDate 06/05/2018.

UpdatedDate 06/05/2018.

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