Genea coronata
Coll. NV 2013.06.13 (LY), leg. P. Chautrand
Coll. NV 2013.06.13 (LY), leg. P. Chautrand
© N. Van Vooren

Genea coronata P. Alvarado, J.-B. Pérez & M. Scholler, Sydowia, 73: 2 (2020).


Basionym: Genea coronata P. Alvarado, J.-B. Pérez & M. Scholler, Sydowia, 73: 2 (2020).

Diagnosis: Hypogeous ascomycete producing very small blackish ascomata with a chambered gleba, with opposed hymenium layers due to folding, lacking thick tramal plates between hymenium layers, forming an epithecium, subglobose spores (smaller than 32 μm on average (ornamentation excluded)) ornamented with irregularly conical, fang-like, subcapitate or mucronate warts, and fruiting in spring-summer. Almost identical to G. dentata, except for its genetic profile.

Type: KRM-0005917 - holotypus

MycoBank # 835344


Selected literature:
Alvarado P., Cabero J., Moreno G., Bratek Z., Van Vooren N., Kaounas V., Konstantinidis G., Agnello C., Merényi Z., Smith M.E., Vizzini A., Trappe J.M. 2016. Phylogenetic overview of the genus Genea (Pezizales, Ascomycota) with an emphasis on European taxa. Mycologia, 108 (2): 441-456. ››Download[/ISINROLES]
Alvarado P., Perez J.B., Van Vooren N., Bernauer T., Hensel G., Scholler M. 2020. Genea coronata (Pyronemataceae, Pezizales), a cryptic new species in a highly polymorphic genus. Sydowia, 73: 1-12. ››Download[/ISINROLES]


Classification Pyronemataceae, Genea

CreatedDate 28/10/2020.

UpdatedDate 28/10/2020.

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