Genabea hyalospora
Coll. AH 46361
Coll. AH 46361
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Genabea hyalospora Cabero & P. Alvarado, Mycologia, 110 (2): 407 (2018).


Basionym Genabea hyalospora Cabero & P. Alvarado, Mycologia, 110 (2): 407 (2018).

Diagnosis Hypogeous, black or blackish brown, lobed and with breaks in the peridium, peridium and epithecium similar in appearance and structure, covered with minute papillae, hymenium forming a discontinuous palisade, hyaline spores covered with small spines.

Type AH 46360 - holotypus

MycoBank 822843


Alvarado P., Healy R., Moreno G., Cabero J., Scholler M., Schneider A., Vizzini A., Kaounas V., Vidal J.M., Hensel G., Rubio E., Mujic A., Smith M.E. 2018. Phylogenetic studies in Genabea, Myrmecocystis, and related genera. Mycologia, 110 (2): 401-418.

Classification Pyronemataceae, Genabea

CreatedDate 18/02/2019.

UpdatedDate 18/02/2019.

Genabea hyalospora
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