Daleomyces phillipsii
Coll. NV 2004.12.01
Coll. NV 2004.12.01
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Daleomyces phillipsii (Massee) Seaver, N. Amer. Cup-fungi (Operc.), suppl.: 337 (1942).


Basionym Gyromitra phillipsii Massee, Brit. Fungus-fl., 4: 478 (1895).

Diagnosis The pilei varied in size from 3 in. to 3 feet in circumference, being in form globose, hemispherical, fusiform, or irregular; in the young state the folds of the hymenium were of the typical form of Gyromitra, but when older they became flattened into broad, pendent, crisped flounces, resembling fig. 327 in Cooke's Mycographia ; while young they were creamy white, often tinged with pale purple, passing with age into pale ochre, and then to fulvous-brown ; stem short, thick, or sometimes absent. The flesh was somewhat waxy and exceedingly brittle. In section there was no sterile axis above the stem, the pileus consisting within of irregular cavities, divided and subdivided by double walls which were clothed with the hymenium. I found the asci to be cylindrical, furnished with eight elliptic sporidia [spores], 10-12 × 6-7 µ; paraphyses slender, somewhat thickened at the apices.

Type K(M) 178523 - holotypus

Homotypic Durandiomyces phillipsii (Massee) Seaver, N. Amer. Cup-fungi (Operc.): 242 (1928).

Underwoodia campbellii Sacc., Ann. Mycol., 7 (5): 433 (1909); Peziza proteana f. campbellii (Sacc.) Korf, Rep. Tottori Mycol. Inst., 10: 392 (1973); Daleomyces campbellii (Sacc.) J. Moravec, Česká Mykol., 36 (2): 112 (1982); Peziza campbellii (Sacc.) Vizzini, Medardi & Forin, Mycol. Progress, 19 (5): 515 (2020).
Daleomyces gardneri Setch., Mycologia, 16 (5): 241 (1924); Napomyces gardneri (Setch.) Clem. & Shear, Gen. Fungi: 333 (1931).
Aleuria proteana var. sparassoides Boud., Bull. Soc. mycol. Fr., 15: 51 (1899); Galactinia proteana var. sparassoides (Boud.) Sacc. & P. Syd., Syll. fung., 16: 709 (1902); Underwoodia sparassoides (Boud.) Bánhegyi, Index Horti bot. univ. Budapest, 3: 167 (1938); Peziza proteana f. sparassoides (Boud.) Korf, Mycologia, 48: 714 (1956).
Aleuria proteana var. slavkoviensis F. Neuwirth, Stud. Bot. Čechoslav., 7: 172 (1946).

MycoBank 285981


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Classification Pezizaceae, Daleomyces

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UpdatedDate 22/08/2020.

Daleomyces phillipsii
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