Cookeina cremeirosea
Coll. UTC00275474
Coll. UTC00275474
© B. Kropp

Cookeina cremeirosea Kropp, Mycoscience, 58 (1): 42 (2017).


Basionym Cookeina cremeirosea Kropp, Mycoscience, 58 (1): 42 (2017).

Diagnosis Cookeina cremeirosea differs from C. indica by having unornamented, rather than striated, ascospores and by its pinkish ascomata.

Type UTC00275474 - holotypus

MycoBank 551849


Kropp B.R. 2017. Cookeina cremeirosea, a new species of cup fungus from the South Pacific. Mycoscience, 58 (1): 40-44.

Classification Sarcoscyphaceae, Cookeina

CreatedDate 10/02/2019.

UpdatedDate 10/02/2019.

Cookeina cremeirosea
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[AS] Tutuila Unit
Le'ala Shoreline Trail
30/11/2013, leg. B. Kropp
00275474 (UTC)