Barssia gunerii

Coll. HHD17617
Coll. HHD17617
© H.H. Doğan

Barssia gunerii H.H. Doğan, F. Bozok & H. Taşkın, Turk. J. Bot., 42: 637 (2018).


Basionym Barssia gunerii H.H. Doğan, F. Bozok & H. Taşkın, Turk. J. Bot., 42: 637 (2018).

Diagnosis Differs from other Barssia spp. by its small (21.35 × 18.22 µm) subglobose to ovoid ascospores and the habitat under C. libani

Type HHD17617 - holotypus

MycoBank 823062


Doğan H.H., Bozok F., Taşkin H. 2018. A new species of Barssia (Ascomycota, Helvellaceae) from Turkey. Turkish Journal of Botany, 42: 636-643.

Classification: Helvellaceae, Barssia

Created on 14/02/2019.

Updated on 09/08/2023.


Collections List

[FR] Saint-Nizier-d'Azergues
Forêt de Pramenoux
06/05/2013, leg. N. Van Vooren
NV 2013.05.13 
[FR] Le Bourg-d'Oisans
Réserve du Lauvitel
25/05/2020, leg. N. Van Vooren
NV 2020.05.30 
[FR] Roubion
Col de la Couillole
03/06/2020, leg. N. Van Vooren

Source: FMBDS
[IT] Bolzano
Valle Aurina
16/07/2011, leg. A. Bizzi
27398 (MCVE)
[IT] Giglio Castellano
22/03/2012, leg. S. Rum
CLSM 001.12 bis 
[FR] Bonneval-sur-Arc
route du col de l'Iseran
04/09/2021, leg. M. Hairaud

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