Ascobolus viridis
Coll. NV 2017.08.19
Coll. NV 2017.08.19
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Ascobolus viridis Currey, Trans. Linn. Soc. London, 24: 154 (1863).


Basionym Ascobolus viridis Currey, Trans. Linn. Soc. London, 24: 154 (1863).

Diagnosis On clay ground ; sessile, 1/2rd of an inch wide, plane or very slightly concave, of a dark dingy yellowish-green colour, externally very furfuraceous, almost tomentose ; spores elliptic-acuminate, rugoso-striate, amethyst-purple. Hanham Woods, near Bristol, Oct. 15, 1861.
The above characters may seem at first sight to differ but little from those of the common A. furfuraceus; but the very large size, dark colour, and peculiar habitat of the plant seem sufficient to separate it from that species.

Type A1958 (K) - holotypus

Ascobolus grandis Velen., Monogr. Discom. Bohem.: 367 (1934), fide Brummelen (1967).
Ascobolus striatopunctatus Boud., Icon. Mycol., ser. 1, livr. 1: 3 (1904), fide Brummelen (1967).

MycoBank 234388


Brummelen J. (van) 1967. A World-monograph of the genera Ascobolus and Saccobolus (Ascomycetes, Pezizales). Persoonia, supplement, I: 1-260.
Currey F. 1864. Notes on British Fungi. Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, 24: 151-160.
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Van Vooren N. 2014. Contribution à la connaissance des Pézizales (Ascomycota) de Rhône-Alpes – 1re partie. Cahiers de la FMBDS, 3: 1-148.

Classification Ascobolaceae, Ascobolus

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UpdatedDate 24/02/2019.

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