Amylascus herbertianus

Coll. FLAS-F-69586
Coll. FLAS-F-69586
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Amylascus herbertianus (J.W. Cribb) Trappe, Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc., 57 (1): 89 (1971).


Basionym Hydnobolites herbertianus J.W. Cribb, Pap. Depart. Bot. Univ. Queensland, 3 (17): 151 (1957).

Diagnosis Ascoma subglobosa, 1-2 cm. diam., usque ad 1.2 cm. alta, rubida tum fusca, firma, plicata, verrucosa, tomento laxo; cortico pseudoparenchymato; venis externis rubidis; ascis ellipsoideis vel obovatis vel subglobosis, 75-115 × 60-72 µ, 8-sporiis; sporis irregulariter instructis, globosis, 20-26 µ diam. (echinulis inclusis), pallidis, echinulatis, echinulis usque ad 3 µ longis.
In silvam in Mt. Glorious, 25.iv.1955 (J. W. Cribb) — TYPE.

Type BRI AQ0642725 - holotypus

MycoBank 308680


Cribb J.W. 1957. Two species of Tuberales from Queensland. Papers of the Department of Botany University of Queensland, 3 (17): 151-152.
Healy R.A., Truong C., Castellano M.A., Bonito G., Trappe J., Caiafa M.V., Mujic A.B., Nouhra E., Sánchez-Ramírez S., Smith M.E. 2023. Re-examination of the Southern Hemisphere truffle genus Amylascus (Pezizaceae, Ascomycota) and characterization of the sister genus Nothoamylascus gen. nov. Persoonia, 51: 125-151.
Trappe J.M. 1971. A synopsis of the Carbomycetaceae and Terfeziaceae (Tuberales). Transactions of the British Mycological Society, 57 (1): 85-92.

Classification: Pezizaceae, Amylascus

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