European key to the genus Scutellinia
Par Jeannerot B.

Vol. 11 (6) – 24 décembre 2019

doi: 10.25664/art-0287

 Open Access


Résumé (anglais) : 

This key to the genus Scutellinia (Cooke) Lambotte is a working key. There are still many avenues to explore and it remains upgradable. It is the result of a deep study of numerous collections, exclusively made for 5 years, representing more than 1500 personal collections, 2500 collections from herbaria all over the world, 80% of known type collections, 80 collections studied under MEB, participation of two phylogenetic studies (integrating personal collections)... Unfinished studies and my personal history explain why some species are marked with a “?” sign and some provisional unpublished names are given. I decided to provide this key to serve as a framework for a future study