Preliminary phylogenetic and morphological studies in the Gyromitra gigas lineage (Pezizales): Epitypification of Gyromitra gigas and G. ticiniana
Par Carbone M., Van Vooren N., Klener V., Alvarado P.

Vol. 10 (5) – 04 novembre 2018

doi: 10.25664/art-0241

 Open Access


Résumé (anglais) : 

Gyromitra gigas and G. ticiniana are epitypified with modern collections with known genetic data. The taxonomy of both species is revisited on the basis of new morphological studies and phylogenetic reconstruction based on molecular data. Results suggest that Gyromitra korfii could be a prioritary name for G. ticiniana. The replacement of the name Gyromitra littiniana with G. ticiniana is also discussed. Color images of fresh material and microscopical features are provided

The history and taxonomy of the genus Gyromitra Fr. were treated in detail by Van Vooren & Moreau (2009a). Gyromitra subgen. Discina (Fr.) Harmaja contains species with discoid to convex, sessile to subsessile apothecia (sect. Discina), but also cerebriform and definitely stalked ascomata [...]