The first record of Urnula mediterranea (Pezizales) in Continental Europe
Par Milosavljević N.

Vol. 9 (5) – 27 septembre 2017

doi: 10.25664/art-0210

 Open Access


Résumé (anglais) : All previous collections of the rare fungus Urnula mediterranea were recorded on the Mediterranean coast or Atlantic coast of Europe. Our discovery in Serbia represents the first ever recorded in continental part of Europe. We present herein photographs made on this new locality, along with microscopic and macroscopic descriptions

Urnula mediterranea is considered as a rare species, only known from Europe. According to Kaounas et al. (2015), until now it was recorded in three countries (Italy, France and Greece) for a total of 15 locations, all on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts [...]