Belonioscyphella hypnorum (Helotiales), a rarely reported bryoparasitic ascomycete new for the Czech Republic
Par Egertová Z., Hairaud M., Sochor M.

Vol. 8 (3) – 05 mai 2016

doi: 10.25664/art-0176

 Open Access


Résumé (anglais) : Belonioscyphella hypnorum is published from the Czech Republic for the first time. It was found in three localities in Moravia — in all cases in calcareous areas at an altitude around 300 m asl., on wood, soil or a limestone boulder covered with its hosts. Didymodon rigidulus, Eurhynchium schleicheri, Homalia trichomanoides, Orthotrichum sp. and Radula complanata are newly recognized as host bryophytes of the species. Macroscopic and microscopic descriptions based on fresh material, photos of apothecia and microstructures and DNA sequence data from three nuclear genomic loci are provided. Five additional new localities of the species from Europe and Canada are listed