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Le dernier numéro publié d' est le fascicule 4, vol. 16 (juillet 2024).

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Liste des derniers articles

Octospora sulcatispora sp. nov. (Pezizales) – a species of Octospora with an unexpected ascospore ornamentation

Ribes M.Á., Martínez-Gil R., Eckstein J., Vega M., Janošík L., Calzada A. – 23 juillet 2024 – Vol. 16 (4)
Octospora sulcatispora is described as a new species based on five collections from three different locations in Spain (Andalucía, Castilla y León and La Rioja). It is unique due to the sulcate ornamentation of its ascospores, a trait otherwise compl... Read More

First reports of autumnal morels in Sicily: Morchella galilaea and Morchella rufobrunnea (Pezizales, Morchellaceae)

Calanni Rindina M., Caprì M. – 23 juillet 2024 – Vol. 16 (4)
The present study aims to confirm the presence in Italy, particularly in Sicily, of two interesting species belonging to the genus Morchella Dill. ex Pers., one predominantly found in autumn, Morchella galilaea Masaphy & Clowez, and another one which... Read More

Ritrovamento di Plectania melastoma (Pezizales, Sarcosomataceae) associata ad Abies borisii-regis in Grecia

Agnello C., Kaounas V., Ntinos A. – 23 juillet 2024 – Vol. 16 (4)
The study of a Plectania melastoma collection, growing in Greece on Abies borisii-regis roots, cones and wood remnants, is presented herein. The article is accompanied by illustrations of macro- and microscopic features. A nrITS DNA sequence was also... Read More

Paragalactinia pseudomichelii (Pezizaceae), a new species from eastern North America

Van Vooren N., Khomenko I., Lebeuf R., Healy R., Smith M.E. – 23 juillet 2024 – Vol. 16 (4)
Presentation and illustration of a new species of the genus Paragalactinia, P. pseudomichelii, collected in Canada and the USA, based on morphological and molecular characters. An updated key to the genus Paragalactinia is also provided. Read More

Pisorisporium cymbiforme (Sordariomycetes, Pisorisporiales) found in Northern Europe

Isaksson R., Wergen B. – 23 juillet 2024 – Vol. 16 (4)
Pisorisporium cymbiforme is reported new to Sweden, based on a finding in the province of Jämtland, where the species was collected in moist conditions near the river Lerdalsälven. The Swedish material is described with macro-, micro-, and habitat ph... Read More

Studies on Bryocentria brongniartii (Hypocreales, Bionectriaceae) on Frullania dilatata in Europe reveal an anamorph and a cryptic species, B. confusa sp. nov.

Greiff G.R.L., Büschlen A., Döbbeler P. – 23 juillet 2024 – Vol. 16 (4)
Studies on the foliose liverwort Frullania dilatata infected by the common hypocrealean fungus Bryocentria brongniartii, type species of the genus Bryocentria, resulted in the detection of an unknown hyphomycete. The simple, white, flat and irregular... Read More

Rugosporella, a new genus to accommodate the North American species Peziza atrovinosa (Pezizaceae) and its predicted ectomycorrhizal status

Pfister D.H., Lemmond B., Healy R., LoBuglio K.F., Bonito G., Smith M.E. – 15 juin 2024 – Vol. 16 (3)
The genus Rugosporella is proposed to accommodate Peziza atrovinosa in the modern classification scheme of the Pezizaceae. We used DNA sequences of ITS, LSU and RPB2 to resolve the phylogenetic placement of this taxon. The species occupies a distinct... Read More

Scutellinia albopilosa (Pezizales, Pyronemataceae) – a new species from southern Germany

Lindemann U., Fellmann B., Friebes G., Van Vooren N. – 15 juin 2024 – Vol. 16 (3)
A new Scutellinia species, Scutellinia albopilosa, is described and illustrated based on multiple collections from the same location in Germany. It is mostly characterised by its hyaline to light-brown hairs. The morphological features are compared w... Read More

First report of a unique resupinate ascomycete, Karstenella vernalis (Karstenellaceae, Pezizales) from Japan

Ohmae M., Nakajima M., Orihara T. – 15 juin 2024 – Vol. 16 (3)
The rare ascomycete Karstenella vernalis is unique among Pezizales because of its thin, resupinate ascomata, which are formed directly on the soil surface or plant debris. This species has been reported only a few times in Finland and the USA. We rec... Read More

On some alpine discomycetes from the Mercantour National Park, with an emphasis on Scutellinia species

Evangelisti E. – 15 juin 2024 – Vol. 16 (3)
The author illustrates several species of Scutellinia, as well as Ramsbottomia asperior (Pyronemataceae, Pezizales), Helvella philonotis (Helvellaceae, Pezizales), and Peziza heimii (Pezizaceae, Pezizales), collected in alpine grassland and wetlands ... Read More

Prospections le long de petits ruisseaux comtois riches en tuf

Moyne G., Mombert A. – 15 juin 2024 – Vol. 16 (3)
The authors succinctly report and describe the species of Pezizales recorded along the streams of their region (France, Franche-Comté), rich in calcareous tuff. Read More

Spaniodiscus fuckelii (Pezizales, Pyronemataceae), una specie poco conosciuta ma ben presente in Italia

Carbone M., Van Vooren N. – 15 juin 2024 – Vol. 16 (3)
Spaniodiscus fuckelii is reported from Italy by five collections made in three different municipalities of the Piedmont region, as well as one made at the Stelvio Pass, in the Trentino-Alto Adige side. A description of macro- and microscopic characte... Read More
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