Pseudoplectania melaena (Pezizales): taxonomical and nomenclatural note
Par Van Vooren N., Moyne G., Carbone M., Moingeon J.-M.

Vol. 5 (1) – 03 janvier 2013

doi: 10.25664/art-0080

 Open Access


Résumé (anglais) : Pseudoplectania melaena (Fr.) Sacc. (= P. vogesiaca) is a widespread species, growing on dead wood of conifers (Abies sp. in Europe), during spring, in mountainous areas. In some regions, it is considered as rare or uncommon, that’s why we propose a full description of this taxon based both on recent collections and ancient specimens housed in Persoon’s herbarium (L). Taxonomical and nomenclatural aspects are provided, and a lectotype is designated. Although limited, the risk of confusion with other species of the genus is discussed