Rugosporella, a new genus to accommodate the North American species Peziza atrovinosa (Pezizaceae) and its predicted ectomycorrhizal status

Pfister D.H., Lemmond B., Healy R., LoBuglio K.F., Bonito G., Smith M.E.

Vol. 16 (3) – 15 juin 2024

doi: 10.25664/art-0398

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Abstract: The genus Rugosporella is proposed to accommodate Peziza atrovinosa in the modern classification scheme of the Pezizaceae. We used DNA sequences of ITS, LSU and RPB2 to resolve the phylogenetic placement of this taxon. The species occupies a distinct position within a large and diverse clade of hypogeous and epigeous taxa, all of which are either known to be or presumed to be ectomycorrhizal. Although no DNA sequences of this species have been identified from ectomycorrhizal roots, we provide isotopic data supporting its ectomycorrhizal lifestyle. Peziza atrovinosa is distinctive in its moderately large vinaceous brown apothecia with thick flesh and the relatively small ascospores that are ornamented with a high reticulum and that become yellow-brown at maturity. This species is found across eastern North America.

The operculate discomycete Peziza atrovinosa Cooke is commonly collected on soil in mixed woods in late summer and autumn in eastern North America. This species is moderately large (3–5 cm) and is distinctive in its relatively small ascospores, which have a high, coarse reticulum […]

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