Bryobroma, nom. nov., a replacement for pyrenomycetous bryophilous ascomycetes formerly included in the illegitimate genus Bryomyces Döbbeler

Greiff G., Döbbeler P.

Vol. 16 (2) – 15 mai 2024

doi: 10.25664/art-0386

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Abstract: Bryomyces Döbbeler was erected by Peter Döbbeler in 1978 for nine species and two varieties of pyrenomycetous bryophilous ascomycetes. Subsequently, it was found that Dutch botanist Fredrich Miquel published several other species of Bryomyces in 1839, with Bryomyces Miq. taking priority and rendering the homonymous modern name illegitimate. Here, the species formerly placed in Bryomyces by Döbbeler are recombined into the replacement name Bryobroma. The intriguing history of the older Bryomyces species, as understood by Miquel, is briefly discussed.

The illegitimacy of the genus Bryomyces Döbbeler (Döbbeler, 1978) was recently brought to light by a note in Index Fungorum (Shenzen Code art. 53.1; Turland et al., 2018; Greiff & Cannon, 2020). This note details the fact that an older homonym has priority […]

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