Epibryon endocarpum Döbbeler, a little-known hepaticolous ascomycete new to North America and Britain

Haldeman M., Greiff G.

Vol. 16 (1) – 08 avril 2024

doi: 10.25664/art-0385

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Abstract: The status and distribution of the hepaticolous ascomycete Epibryon endocarpum Döbbeler on Plagiochila asplenioides are discussed. Two new records of this little-known species are reported for North America and Britain and descriptions and photos of the new collections are presented. Similar species of Epibryon are compared. An anamorph encountered in the British specimen is discussed but conclusions on its affinity to E. endocarpum cannot be made using morphology alone.

The genus Epibryon Döbbeler (Chaetothyriales) was introduced by Döbbeler (1978) for 20 species of generally small, mostly darkly colored, generally setose, perithecioid bryophilous ascomycetes possessing a distinctive hemiamyloid jelly surrounding the asci. As of now, more than 50 species have been described from bryophytes […]

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