Exploring the European Trichophaea-like discomycetes (Pezizales) using morphological, ecological and molecular data. Part 4: new insights in Trichophaea s. str. and Paranthracobia gen. nov.

Van Vooren N., Valade F.

Vol. 15 (4) – 31 octobre 2023

doi: 10.25664/art-0376

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Abstract: This fourth part of the exploration of Trichophaea-like discomycetes is focused on the genus Trichophaea s. str., especially the globose-spored species (i.e. T. brunnea and allies), and on the dark-coloured species of Anthracobia. A new species is proposed in the genus Trichophaea, T. ellipsoideospora, a lookalike of T. brunnea, also growing on burnt substrate, but with widely ellipsoid ascospores. Peziza scutelloides is reinstated to fix the species growing on unburned substrates, often named as Sphaerosporella hinnulea. Paranthracobia is proposed as a new genus with Anthracobia rehmii as type, based on morphological and molecular data. Finally, our study offers the opportunity to review all the names assigned to Trichophaea and Anthracobia, and evaluate their modern taxonomic position. An updated key to European dark coloured Trichophaea species and allies is proposed.

This fourth part of our exploration of the Trichophaea-like discomycetes deals with the genus Trichophaea Boud., mainly the globose-spored species, and partly with the genus Anthracobia Boud. through its dark-coloured species […]

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