A new species of Ijuhya (Bionectriaceae) from Tenerife (Spain)
27 Sep 2017 - By Lechat C., Fournier J., Negrin R.
Abstract: A new species of Ijuhya is described and illustrated based on material collected in the Canary Island of Tenerife (Spain). The new species described herein was sequenced. Based on ascomata not changing colour in 3% KOH or lactic acid and phylogenetic analysis, this species is placed in the Bionectriaceae as defined by Rossman et al. (1999). Its placement in Ijuhya is based on morphological and phylogenetic comparison with the most similar genera including Lasionectria (Sacc.) Cooke and Lasionectriella Lechat & J. Fourn. Ijuhya aurantiaca differs from other Ijuhya species by bright orange ascomata and 3–5-septate, conspicuously striate ascospores. An updated dichotomous key to Ijuhya is presented
Content: In the continuity of a survey of the genus Ijuhya Starbäck, a new species of Ijuhya was collected on twigs of Convolvulus canariensis L. (Convolvulaceae) in the Canary Islands (Spain), which proved different from [...]
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