Pseudotricharina lanigera (Pezizales), a new species from the Patagonian region of Argentina
19 Jul 2017 - By Healy R., Pfister D.H., Mujic A.B., Torres D., Nouhra E., Furci G., Smith M.E.
Abstract: A species of Pseudotricharina, similar in sequence and morphology to the type species P. intermedia, is described from a soil bank in a Nothofagus forest of the Andes Mountains of Argentina. This is only the second species of Pseudotricharina to be described and the first known from the Southern Hemisphere
Content: During recent studies of the fungi in Nothofagaceae forests of South America our research group has been systematically collecting fungi and obtaining ITS rDNA barcodes. This effort has significantly increased available sequence data from Patagonia and also raised awareness of new species in the region (Truong et al., 2017). One of these species was included in phylogenetic analyses [...]
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