Lasionectria saulensis (Bionectriaceae, Hypocreales), a new species from French Guiana
Von Lechat C., Fournier J., Chaduli D., Favel A.

Vol. 14 (3) – 11 Juli 2022

doi: 10.25664/art-0350

 Open Access


Englische Zusammenfassung: Lasionectria saulensis sp. nov. is described and illustrated based on a collection on dead leaves of Astrocaryum sp. (Arecaceae) in French Guiana. This species is placed in Lasionectria based on its acremonium-like asexual morph, ascomata not changing colour in 3% KOH or lactic acid, and phylogenetic comparison of ITS and LSU sequences with known species of Lasionectria. Lasionectria saulensis is primarily characterised by non-stromatic, pale orange, subglobose, hairy ascomata with a conical apex, and striate ascospores. Based on comparison of morphological characteristics and molecular data with known Lasionectria species, L. saulensis is proposed as a new species.

In the continuity of the inventorial survey of fungi in French Guiana (Lechat et al., 2022), an hypocrealean fungus was collected on a dead palm leaf of Astrocaryum sp. This fungus was morphologically characterised, cultured and phylogenetically analysed […]