- newsletter March 2021
Von Hairaud M. – 21 März 2021

Dear members

The site is available again!
On March 10, our site fell out of order because of a major incident at our hosting provider OVH. After a full weekend of work by our Technical Director Nicolas Vanvooren, the site could open again on March 15. Thank you for your consideration for the inconvenience and many thanks to Nicolas for his achievement.

The 2nd fascicle of 2021 (volume 13) has been uploaded (Journal). Here is the content :

  •  Fournier J., Lechat C., Mifsud S., Sammut C. — Xylaria melitensis (Xylariaceae), a new penzigioid species from the Maltese Islands
  •  Martínez-Gil R., Valencia López F.J., Delpont M. — Contribución al conocimiento y distribución de Ascobolus nodulosporus (Pezizales), una especie muy poco citada, encontrada en España
  •  Lechat C., Fournier J., Chaduli D., Lesage-Meessen L., Favel A. — Dialonectria favaceae, a new species from France, and Dialonectria magnusiana comb. nov. for Nectria magnusiana
  •  Van Vooren N. — Nomenclatural novelties in Pezizales
  •  Döbbeler P., Büschlen A., Eckstein J. — Octospora bicarpa sp. nov. (Pezizales), the first species of the bryophilous genus Octospora Hedw. with ameroconidia


The taxonomic review
This new service is now available on the page Taxonomy of the site and for members only (but for Note 1 of February 2021, in open access)
Thanks to regular synthetic notes, we will try to inform you about the latest evolutions in systematics as they appear through a great number of papers which often remain difficult to obtain ( because of high subscription fees or language barriers. We will also try to bring a point of view on these novelties and their taxonomic consequences mainly based on molecular data. As you may have observed, it is often difficult to judge about the relevance of the published avalanche of results.
We do hope in this way to help reduce the growing gap between specialists and passionate amateurs who constitute the energy and dynamics of mycological societies.

2000 Pezizales
Do you know Selenaspora guernisaci? Trichophaeopsis asturiensis? Terracavicola echinospora? Tarzetta alnicola? You may discover these species in the section 2000 Pezizales of the site, in the Taxonomy page, including elements of their classification, description, bibliography and a distribution map. More than 800 species are now available in the section. Every member can give data to complete the maps.

New Members
We have the great pleasure to welcome the following
-Mycologists :
Didier Borgarino (FR), Marek Capoun (CZ), Danièle Carbonnel (FR), Jean Chabrol (FR), Anne Favel (FR), François Frelechoux (FR), Philippe Givernaud (FR), Jacques Guinberteau (FR), Stephan Jakobsson (FI), Simon Kennedy (UK), Yves Leroy (FR), Adrian Leuchtmann (CH), Jean-Manuel Martin (FR), Robin Petermann (CH), Gilles Poulet (FR), Michel Rimbaud (FR), Olivier Rose (FR);
-Mycological societies and institutions:
Association mycologique d'Aix en Provence (FR), Association mycologique du Cotentin (FR), Association des Mycologues francophones de Belgique (B), Association mycologique issoise (FR), Cercle mycologique de Marcoussis et environs (FR), Club mycologique et botanqie de Meyzieu (FR), Société mycologique d'Ajaccio (FR), Société mycologique du Béarn (FR), Société mycologique du Limousin (FR), Société mycologique du Pays de Montbéliard (FR), Société mycologique et botanique landaise (FR), Université de Montpellier (Labo de botanique, phytochimie et mycologie) (FR), Verein für Pilkskunde Bern (CH), Université de Nantes (Sciences pharmaceutiques et biologiques) (FR).
Mycological societies and other institutions are invited to intoduce their organizations in the section Organization/Network. Please send your presentations to membership campaign
In order to widen the audience of, a promotion campaign had just been launched towards potentially interested mycologists and their organizations ou institutions. We do appreciate the offered help of our correspondants for translations or informatin relays and we want to thank particularly Carole Hobbart (UK), Nino Santamaria (ES), René Dougoud (CH), Gabiele Cacciali (IT), Andeas Gminder (DE), and Camille Mertens (BE) for their contribution.
You can help us with providing mail adresses of potentially interested colleagues or organizations. We will then provide them with documentation about our work.