- newsletter Feb. 2021
Von Hairaud M. – 01 Februar 2021

Dear members

A compilation of all 2020 papers (Vol. 12) is now available in a printable quality version in the "Members/full issues" section of the site.
The first fascicle of 2021 (volume 13) is now online (Journal). Here is the content :

  •  Lechat C., Fournier J., Priou J.-P. — Striatibotrys alpina (Hypocreales), a new species from the French Alps
  •  Van Vooren N., Valencia Lopez F.J., Carbone M., Lindemann U., Vega M., Valade F. — Exploring the European Trichophea-like discomycetes (Pezizales) using morphological and molecular data
  •  Lechat C., Fournier J., Hairaud M., Mombert A. — Two new species if Stylonectria (Nectriaceae) from the French Alps
  •  Van Vooren N., Mombert A., Stöckli R., Moyne G., Clowez P. — Ascomycètes non lichenisés nouveaux pour la France

This last paper is a new type of article. It will be regularly published to include mentionned collections new for France. All members are invited to announce theur discoveries at They are co-authors of the paper.

In every paper with 4 authors or more, details will now be given to precise each author's contribution. This decision meets the demand of many members.

Membership fees for 2021
Jean-Paul Priou, the treasurer, is thankful to members who already sent their 2021 membership fees. That makes his job really easier. Membership fees including the subscription to the FMBDS paper quaterly journal at reduced price must be paid before end of January, see (FORM). Every member can check one's situation on the site at the Members section. Please contact in case of any difficulty.

Publication: Cahier FMBDS N°7
"Révision des types de Pézizomycètes publiés par J.-C. Donadini" by N. Vanvooren & M.-J. Mauruc. The first edition (300 samples) quickly run out and a new edition will soon be available. See all order possibilities and new postal fare at: CATALOG.

A new space is now offered to private and public organizations such as mycological societies. Every society will then be able to introduce itself in the web site. See A promotion campaign will soon be launched towards mycological societies, enabling them to support Many thanks to Gabriele Cacialli, Caroline Hobart, Marcel Vega and Santi Serrano for their contribution to the different linguistic flyers.

New Members
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