Lamprospora sylvatica
Coll. PRM 946415
Coll. PRM 946415
© Z. Egertová

Lamprospora sylvatica Egertová & Eckstein, Phytotaxa, 357 (1): 18 (2018).


Basionym Lamprospora sylvatica Egertová & Eckstein, Phytotaxa, 357 (1): 18 (2018).

Diagnosis Differs from other species of the genus Lamprospora by the following combination of characters: pinkish, orange to reddish-orange apothecia with a fimbriate margin, globose ascospores with more or less regular areolate ornamentation, infection of Dicranum montanum, and infectious structures consisting of an appressorium surrounded by many thick-walled cells, located on strong rhizoids of the host, and a haustorium within the rhizoids.

Type PRM 946415 - holotypus

MycoBank 824682


Egertová Z., Eckstein J., Sochor M., Vega M. 2018. Lamprospora sylvatica (Pyronemataceae), a new bryophilous ascomycete on Dicranum montanum. Phytotaxa, 357 (1): 17-29. 

Classification Pyronemataceae, Lamprospora

CreatedDate 23/08/2018.

UpdatedDate 23/08/2018.

Lamprospora sylvatica
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