Tuber lishanense
Coll. BJTC FAN718
Coll. BJTC FAN718
© L. Fan

Tuber lishanense L. Fan & X.Y. Yan, Mycologia, 110 (4): 776 (2018).


Basionym Tuber lishanense L. Fan & X.Y. Yan, Mycologia, 110 (4): 776 (2018).

Diagnosis See description.

Type BJTC FAN718 - holotypus

MycoBank 824805


Yan X.Y., Cao J.Z., Fan L. 2018. Four new Tuber species added to the Rufum group from China based on morphological and molecular evidence. Mycologia, 110 (4): 771-779.

Classification Tuberaceae, Tuber

CreatedDate 20.02.2019.

UpdatedDate 20.02.2019.

Tuber lishanense
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[CN] Houwentang Village
Lishan Mountain
17/10/2016, leg. K.B. Huang