Thecotheus crustaceus
Coll. NV 2011.11.02
Coll. NV 2011.11.02
© N. Van Vooren

© N. Van Vooren

Coll. NV 2011.11.02
Coll. NV 2011.11.02

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© N. Van Vooren

Thecotheus crustaceus (Starbäck) Aas & N. Lundq., in Aas, World-Mon. Genus Thecotheus: 70 (1992).


Basionym Ascophanus crustaceus Starbäck, Bot. Not., 1898: 216 (1898).

Type F24444 (S) - holotypus

Homotypic Iodophanus crustaceus (Starbäck) Kimbr., Amer. J. Bot., 56: 1200 (1969).

MycoBank 414259


Aas O. 1992. A world-monograph of the genus Thecotheus (Ascomycetes, Pezizales). 
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Nagao H., Udagawa S.I., Bougher N.L., Suzuki A., Tommerup I.C. 2003. The genus Thecotheus (Pezizales) in Australia: T. urinamans sp. nov. from urea-treated jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) forest. Mycologia, 95 (4): 688-693.
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Yao Y.J., Spooner B.M. 2000. Notes on British species of Thecotheus (Ascobolaceae, Pezizales), with reference to other species of the genus. Kew Bulletin, 55 (2): 451-457. 

Classification Ascobolaceae, Thecotheus

CreatedDate 25.03.2018.

UpdatedDate 25.03.2018.

Thecotheus crustaceus
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[SV] Knivsta
08/1895, leg. K. Starbäck
F24444 (S)
[US] Knoxville
26/06/1929, leg. L.R. Hesler
2005 (MICH)
Holotype of Thecotheus agranulosus
[IT] Mottola
Bosco Sant'Antuono
04/11/2011, leg. N. Van Vooren
NV 2011.11.02 
[PT] Mosteiro
10/11/1996, leg. B.M. Spooner
1605 (AZ)
[PT] Santa Cruz Da Graciosa
24/10/1996, leg. B.M. Spooner
45436 (KM)
[FR] Chenecey-Buillon
Granges Mathieu
02/05/2006, leg. G. Moyne
[SP] La Espina
26/09/2005, leg. J. Linde