Terfezia pseudoleptoderma
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Coll. 2012-04-06
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See also: Hongos hipogeos
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Terfezia pseudoleptoderma Bordallo, Ant. Rodr. & Muñoz-Mohedano, Mycotaxon, 124: 200 (2013).


Basionym Terfezia pseudoleptoderma Bordallo, Ant. Rodr. & Muñoz-Mohedano, Mycotaxon, 124: 200 (2013).

Diagnosis Differs from T. leptoderma by its spore spicules with symmetric bases.

Type MUB Fung-0028 - holotypus

MycoBank 561595


Bordallo J.J., Rodriguez A., Muñoz-Mohedano J.M., Suz L.M., Honrubia M., Morte A. 2013. Five new Terfezia species from the Iberian Peninsula. Mycotaxon, 124: 189-208.

Classification Pezizaceae, Terfezia

CreatedDate 25.03.2018.

UpdatedDate 25.03.2018.

Terfezia pseudoleptoderma
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