Terfezia lusitanica
Coll. MUB Fung-j682
Coll. MUB Fung-j682
© A. Rodríguez

Terfezia lusitanica Bordallo, Ant. Rodr., Louro, Santos-Silva, Muñoz-Mohedano, Phytotaxa, 357 (2): 144 (2018).


Basionym Terfezia lusitanica Bordallo, Ant. Rodr., Louro, Santos-Silva, Muñoz-Mohedano, Phyotaxa, 357 (2): 144 (2018).

Diagnosis Ascomata hypogeous to partially emergent at maturity, subglobose to ellipsoid or partially flattened, sometimes with tapered sterile base, 2–3.5 cm in size, light ochre colour at first, becoming yellowish brown with black spots, smooth to slightly rough (Fig. 2 a–c). Peridium 200–500 μm thick, not separable from gleba, poorly delimited, whitish in cross section, pseudoparenchymatous, composed of subglobose cells, hyaline and thin-walled in the innermost layers, yellowish and with thicker walls in the outermost layers (Fig. 2d). Gleba solid, fleshy, succulent, whitish at first (Fig. 2c), darkening with age, becoming greenish black at maturity; with blackish grey pockets of fertile tissue surrounded by whitish, sterile, veins (Fig. 2b). Faint odour, not distinctive. Mild taste. Asci non-amyloid, subglobose to ellipsoid, sessile, 60–80 × 50–65 μm, walls 1 μm thick, with 6–8 irregularly disposed spores, randomly arranged in the gleba. Ascospores globose, (20–)21–23(–24) μm diam (median = 22 μm) including ornamentation; (14–)15–17(–18) μm (median = 16 μm) without ornamentation; hyaline, smooth and uniguttulate at first, by maturity dark yellow to light brown and ornamented with conical, blunt spines, sometimes cylindrical, mostly straight, but sometimes curved, separated, 3–3.5(–4) μm long, 1–2 μm wide at the base (Fig. 2e–f).

Type MUB Fung-j682 - holotypus

MycoBank 824055


Bordallo J.J., Rodríguez A., Santos-Silva C., Louro R., Muñoz-Mohedano J., Morte A. 2018. Terfezia lusitanica, a new mycorrhizal species associated to Tuberaria guttata (Cistaceae). Phytotaxa, 357 (2): 141-147. 


Classification Pezizaceae, Terfezia

CreatedDate 06.09.2018.

UpdatedDate 04.02.2019.

Terfezia lusitanica
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[ES] Valdehúncar
29/04/2016, leg. A. Rodriguez
Fung-j682 (MUB)
Source: Ascomycete.org
[PT] Montemor-o-Novo
03/04/2012, leg. C. Santos-Silva
Fung-j469 (MUB)
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