Sarcoscypha korfiana

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Sarcoscypha korfiana F.A. Harr., Harvard Pap. Bot., 1 (10): 60 (1997).


Basionym Sarcoscypha korfiana F.A. Harr., Harvard Pap. Bot., 1 (10): 60 (1997).

Diagnosis Cupula parva vel mediocris (10-27 mm diam), ita eae S. occidentalis et S. javensis morphologicaliter similis, sed hymenio citrino non carmineo, coccineo flammeo, rubeo. Sporae (15-21 × 8-11 µm), eis minores S. javensis, eis S. occidentalis magnitudine similis, etiam octo in asco abortu interdum pauciones. (Nomen Richard P. Korf honorat.)

Type HMAS 61202 - holotypus

Sarcoscypha occidentalis f. citrina W.Y. Zhuang, Mycosystema, 5: 65 (1992).

MycoBank 464026


Harrington F.A. 1997. New species of Sarcoscypha (Sarcoscyphaceae, Pezizales). Harvard Papers in Botany, 1 (10): 53-64.
Harrington F.A. 1998. Relationships among Sarcoscypha species: Evidence from molecular and morphological characters. Mycologia, 90 (2): 235-243.
Zhuang W.Y. 1992. The genus Sarcoscypha in Jiaohe, Jilin province, with notes on surface morphology of ascospores. Mycosystema, 5: 65-72. 

Classification Sarcoscyphaceae, Sarcoscypha

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Sarcoscypha korfiana
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