Pseudoplectania tasmanica
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Pseudoplectania tasmanica M. Carbone, Agnello & P. Alvarado,, 6 (1): 29 (2014).


Basionym Pseudoplectania tasmanica M. Carbone, Agnello & P. Alvarado,, 6 (1): 29 (2014).

Diagnosis Genetically close to Pseudoplectania ericae, it differs from the latter mainly by its larger size, and the straighter and numerous external hairs.

Type MCVE 27583 - holotypus

MycoBank 807953


Carbone M., Agnello C., Alvarado P. 2014. Phylogenetic and morphological studies in the genus Pseudoplectania (Ascomycota, Pezizales)., 6 (1): 17-33. 

Classification Sarcosomataceae, Pseudoplectania

CreatedDate 25.03.2018.

UpdatedDate 25.03.2018.

Pseudoplectania tasmanica
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[AU] Strathblane
Duckhole Lake
22/12/2012, leg. G. Gates
27583 (MCVE)