Pseudoplectania lignicola
Coll. SAV F-10758
Coll. SAV F-10758
© S. Glejdura

Pseudoplectania lignicola Glejdura, V. Kučera, Lizoň & Kunca, Mycotaxon, 130: 2 (2015).


Basionym Pseudoplectania lignicola Glejdura, V. Kučera, Lizoň & Kunca, Mycotaxon, 130: 2 (2015).

Diagnosis Differs from Pseudoplectania nigrella by ascospores surrounded by a centrally arranged globose membranous sheath and by elongated cells in the outer ectal excipulum layer forming a palisade perpendicular to the surface.

Type CR-19347 (BRA) - holotypus

MycoBank 805097


Carbone M., Agnello C., Alvarado P. 2014. Phylogenetic and morphological studies in the genus Pseudoplectania (Ascomycota, Pezizales)., 6 (1): 17-33. 
Glejdura S., Kučera V., Lizoň P., Kunca V. 2015. Pseudoplectania lignicola sp. nov. described from central Europe. Mycotaxon, 130: 1-10.

Classification Sarcosomataceae, Pseudoplectania

CreatedDate 25.03.2018.

UpdatedDate 25.03.2018.

Pseudoplectania lignicola

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